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a cup of tea at the arts cafe wakefield pontefract

Welcome to the Arts Cafe!

The Arts Café is currently taking a break from activities in Wakefield and Pontefract.

However, we are continuing our recent collaboration with the Mental Health Museum in Wakefield with some online activities.

Have a look at what we're up to and feel free to join in!


Statue with Mask

At the Arts Cafe

we believe creativity has an important role to play in promoting good mental health.


We work together to offer more opportunities for people to develop and grow creatively.

We are currently taking part in a project run by the Mental Health Museum at Fieldhead in Wakefield funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.

We have been using history as the inspiration for our creative activities. As we have stopped meeting due to the coronavirus, we are working with the Mental Health Museum to put some of our activities online.

If you would like to know more about the Mental  Health Museum, visit their website here 

Instead of our usual meetings we are taking part in online projects set up by the Mental Health Museum in Wakefield which we are hosting here on our website. You can join in.


Any idea what this is?

View objects from the Mental Health Museum and join us in finding out more about them.


The Virus Times


Object Stories

For information about anything on this site call/text 07464 655 411 or email

Museum logo.jpg

It's now 18 weeks since the world changed and Carrie reflects on the impact of not being able to work, missing her family and the power of a good cry.

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