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Lockdown Stories

The Mental Health Museum has been working with volunteers from Kirklees Recovery College recording people's experiences of coping with the pandemic.  On this page, you can hear short edits from these interviews. The full interviews will form part of an archive collected by the MHM and the Recovery College. You can also listen to some uplifting group discussions about love, compassion and happiness here.

If you would like to add your experience to the Lockdown Archive, call Maria on 07464 655 411 or email

Lockdown begins on 23 March. This interview was recorded seven weeks later when Gary tells Michael how he's coping with this bizarre new situation

Tony tells Gary about the ups and downs of fifteen weeks of lockdown and its effect on his mental health.

Twelve weeks after lockdown began, and Michael and Gary ponder the question - has lockdown changed the way you view things?

Fifteen weeks into lockdown and we're looking forward to the lifting of restrictions. Thinking the worst is over, Tony reflects on the impact it's all had on his mental health.

After 16 weeks of living with the pandemic, Sara talks to Michael about the benefits of volunteering in lockdown, delivering an online course for the Recovery College.

18 weeks in, Michael and Carrie look back on the early days of lockdown as a time of peace and quiet.

October 2020. Jason was delighted when cinemas reopened after the first lockdown with blockbuster 'Tenet', although the cinema-going experience was quite different.

Out of the first lockdown and into Tiers. Mother and daughter Pat & Kate look back on the first few months of the pandemic and how it's been for them.

It's now 18 weeks since the world changed and Carrie reflects on the impact of not being able to work, missing her family and the power of a good cry.

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