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How to join in our online museum activities

    Researching Objects In The Online Museum

What do you think this is?

Help us with our research. If you can find out any information about the objects on the website, send it to Maria at the Mental Health Museum and she’ll be in touch.

Things we’d like to know about include:

Object name




Makers details

When used

Where used

Please include details of where your information came from when you send it to us. 

Don't know where to start?  Try browsing these collections for something similar:

The Science Museum

Worcester Medical Museums

Medical Museums 

And here's a bit of background that may help: all the objects pictured in the Online Museum come from the collection in the Mental Health Museum at Fieldhead in Wakefield. The Museum tells the story of 200 years of mental health history, starting with the opening of the West Riding Pauper Lunatic Asylum in Wakefield in 1818. Some of the objects in the collection are connected to medical treatments, others belong to everyday activities; they reflect the experiences of both patients and staff.


A note of caution. Please take care when doing web-based research. Check that you are using a reliable, safe source of information, such as the links above and please bear in mind that material connected to mental health histories can sometimes be upsetting. We want you to enjoy taking part in our research project so if you have any questions or concerns about any material you come across, please get in touch. 

So, happy researching! We look forward to reading all the interesting facts you come up with.

Send your contributions, questions, queries to or text/call 07464 655 411

It's now 18 weeks since the world changed and Carrie reflects on the impact of not being able to work, missing her family and the power of a good cry.

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